Prophetess Yolanda Lee~George
Founder/CEO of Yol~Overcome

formerly Bethany's Grou


Domestic Violence Re-enactment of 10 ½ yrs. of abuse for the Florida Bars 50th Anniversary!

Thank you Bay Area Legal Services! STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

  • Life & Favor (You Don't Know My Story)6:19
  • Revival Fire Fall5:44

Prophetess Yolanda Lee~George, is an overcomer, she's the wife to Lorenzo George Sr., the mother of 5 (Nijah Jonte'e, Johnna, Johntavia, Johnavia and John III) and grandmother of 8 (Nijon, Nija'e, Na'Zariyah, Heaven, Ni'Asia, Josiah, John'Tae and Journee), Step-mother to 3, Deloris, Lorenzo Jr and Lorenz). She has a zest for life after surviving emotional, and verbal abuse as a child and a survivor of Domestic Violence for 10 1/2 years by the hands of her ex-husband.

Yolanda is the Author of a 3 Part Series called "The Silent Screams Series" Part I "Someone To Love The Little Girl In Me",Part II "Someone Almost Loved Me To Death" and Part III "There's A Stranger In My House"​. This 3 part series takes you through a tour of some of the scars of life that Yolanda and her family has overcome, she's also the author of Unmasking the Secret Sins Within.

Yolanda is an Overcomer with a BUT GOD spirit and she's not afraid to share her stories with others. She too came to God on "PLANKS & BROKEN PIECES"

Below is just a few of the planks and broken pieces that Yolanda came in on and have Overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of her testimonies!

  • Emotional and Verbal abuse as a child. - BUT GOD
  • Physical Abuse 10 1/2 yrs. by the hands of her ex-husband. - BUT GOD
  • Sexual addition for over 30 years - BUT GOD
  • Mental Abuse - BUT GOD
  • Debt addiction (Amscot) - BUT GOD
  • Wanting to give up and commit suicide - BUT GOD
  • Daughter being molested by the Deacon at church - BUT GOD
  • ​Children acting out from being witnesses of Dv - BUT GOD
  • Daughter deciding she wants to be gay - BUT GOD is working it out!


​I Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing