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Domestic Violence Re-enactment of 10 ½ yrs. of abuse for the Florida Bars 50th Anniversary!

Thank you Bay Area Legal Services! STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

Prophetess Yolanda Lee~George
Founder/CEO of Yol~Overcome

Yolanda's Desire's!

To educate families, friends as well as faith-based organizations on how to help victims of abuse.


To be a resource that connects with outreach services to refer families for additional support, legal assistance, food and clothing, housing and employment.

Help victims to realize and experience hope and freedom and, through faith and love, believe that there is "Life After the Abuse".

Galatians 5:1
"Stand-fast therefore in the liberty where with Christ hath made us free, and be NOT Entangled again with the yoke of Bondage.

Who Is?

Prophetess Yolanda Lee~George

"Yolanda has given such a great gift to our community by sharing her story which demonstrates how her pain has transformed into strength and hope for herself and her children. Because she is willing to share her story, she has inspired many to do their part to make sure that others in need of strength and hope have the opportunity to find it like Yolanda did."

- Margaret Mathews, Esquire

"Yolanda has talked about her experience as a victim of domestic violence and its effects on her and her children to numerous groups that have included some of the most powerful and respected people in Tampa. She accurately conveys the horror of the violence but also conveys the positive life that is possible for those who survive."

-Richard C. Woltman
Executive Director
Bay Area Legal Services

Prophetess Yolanda Lee~George, is an overcomer, she's the wife to Lorenzo George Sr., the mother of 5 (Nijah Jonte'e, Johnna, Johntavia, Johnavia and John III), 3 bonus children (Deloris, Lorenzo Jr and Lorenz) and grandmother of 9 (Nijon, Nija'e, Na'Zariyah, Heaven, Ni'Asia, Josiah, John'Tae, Journee and Jovanni). She has a zest for life after surviving emotional, and verbal abuse as a child and a survivor of Domestic Violence for 10 1/2 years by the hands of her ex-husband.

Yolanda is the Author of a 3 Part Series called "The Silent Screams Series" Part I "Someone To Love The Little Girl In Me",Part II "Someone Almost Loved Me To Death" and Part III "There's A Stranger In My House"​. This 3 part series takes you through a tour of some of the scars of life that Yolanda and her family has overcome, she's also the author of Unmasking the Secret Sins Within.

Yolanda is an Overcomer with a BUT GOD spirit and she's not afraid to share her stories with others. She too came to God on "PLANKS & BROKEN PIECES"

Below is just a few of the planks and broken pieces that Yolanda came in on and have Overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of her testimonies!

  • Emotional and Verbal abuse as a child. - BUT GOD
  • Physical Abuse 10 1/2 yrs. by the hands of her ex-husband. - BUT GOD
  • Sexual addition for over 30 years - BUT GOD
  • Mental Abuse - BUT GOD
  • Debt addiction (Amscot) - BUT GOD
  • Wanting to give up and commit suicide - BUT GOD
  • Daughter being molested by the Deacon at church - BUT GOD
  • ​Children acting out from being witnesses of Dv - BUT GOD
  • Daughter deciding she wants to be gay - BUT GOD is working it out!


​I Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing